When it comes to home projects, we can totally understand the appeal of DIY jobs. After all, we’re flooring experts ourselves at Speer Flooring — we wouldn’t be in this business if that kind of thing didn’t appeal to us. Who doesn’t like getting some tools out and going to town?

Unfortunately, there are some jobs that are less suited to DIY work than others. Sometimes, calling a professional really is the best course of action, even if you’re hankering to take a project on by yourself.

Flooring is one of those things. When you start a flooring job, it won’t be long before you realize that the money saved and the DIY fun factor quickly spiral downward into diminishing returns. Flooring is hard work, which is why we’ve committed to doing it professionally for the people of the Modesto area. Here are some reasons why you should call some experts for your next flooring job:

A Solo Flooring Job Can Take a Long, Long Time

Flooring is much more than your average home improvement job. The process is extensive if you’re going it alone — removing your flooring, taking measurements of the whole thing, buying new components, and hand-installing them is the process you’re looking at. That makes it sound easy though; be prepared for about 500 more small steps that are too numerous to be listed in this blog post.

We’ve talked to people who took on their own flooring projects in the past, anticipating a few days of work (a week tops) and ended up taking over a month to finish. Don’t ever count on a flooring DIY project being quick! Odds are, you’re fooling yourself.


Flooring Jobs Take a Toll On Your Body

One reason why we strongly advise against DIY flooring is that it’s not too kind on your body, particularly your back. This is not as much of a problem for us at Speer Flooring, since we have a variety of helpful tools and an entire team of people, which lessens the individual strain per person.

But for you, an average homeowner? Flooring jobs require copious amounts of lifting, time on your knees, or constantly bending over and getting back up again. Even young, spry 20-year-olds aren’t exactly jumping for joy to take jobs like that — you most certainly shouldn’t unless regular trips to the chiropractor is a hobby for you.

One Mistake Can Throw the Whole Thing Off

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with solo flooring jobs, and arguably the most common, is assuming that the job is going to be easier than it actually is. “How easy can it be?” they muse, figuring that there’s no way they could get a square grid of tiles wrong.

In reality, well-implemented floors need to be tightly packed to an extreme degree, whether it’s tile floor, laminate, or hardwood boards. It might seem easy enough until you have to start cutting boards to specific sizes to be flush with the wall or accommodate a rounded edge. At that point, one measurement that’s even slightly off can throw the rest of your job off balance, potentially causing countless hours to go to waste when all is said and done and you realize you need to redo it.

Don’t Be a Hero

At the end of the day, flooring is just one of those jobs that’s harder in just about every single way when it’s not being done professionally. If you’re in the Modesto area, call Speer Floors! We’ll be more than happy to do the job for you.